Lund Copenhagen: In Bloom

Design brief

Re-design an old classic
Design and produce minimum 4 pieces of self-interpretation re-design of “Lunds” Bestsellers the daisy. One piece containing a setting of choice.

Lund and the Daisy

The original design of the daisy is produced today by “Lund Copenhagen”, which is one of the most popular manufacturers, with over 500 retailers spread trough out Denmark. They produce the daisy in many different varieties.

In Bloom

“In Bloom” is a celebration of the freedom, peace and equality.

Inspired by the 60’s and 70’s freedom movement, the collection aims to embrace and reinforce the powerful symbol of the flower.

Timeless, feminine and strong, the collection is a retro-romantic reminder for women to unite and embrace their culture. The jewellery aims to inspire women from all generations to feel empowered and connected to their history and heritage.

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