Maria Black: Mayhem

Design brief

Design and branding
This is a business collaboration with the danish jewellery company Maria Black. The case was to develop a new design and branding concept for a piercing jewellery collection.


In the spirit of the modern metropolitan youth, we were aiming to create an edgy and exclusive collection of unisex piercing jewellery – “Mayhem” became just that.


Industrial energy meets urban youth

In celebration of the urban lifestyle and the openminded generation of first movers, “Mayhem” encapsulates the raw and edgy energy of the noisy pulsating city.
Bolts. Studs. Train tracks. Bridges. All details in the backdrop city life and all reaching to the fast forward-mentality of a big city youngster.


It’s not about rebellion, it’s about empowerment

The collection is build up by a mix and match mentality, consisting of bold statement pieces and smaller designs with a strong sense of detail. The pieces, all made of titanium, with a high polish finished and comes in a goldplated version as well. A sapphire is added to some styles as an eye-catching detail.

By analysing and understanding the target segment, the collection is an interpretation of piercing jewellery. We sought to distance the piercing from the underground culture by adding an exclusive approach to the piercing style. This opens an opportunity for every person to make a bold and underlining statement about a personal position.
It’s not about rebellion, it’s about empowerment.