Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek: Love As A Weapon

Design brief

The Museum Shop
As a connection to Ny Carlsberg Glyptoteket’s exhibition of the ancient european art, by observing and analysing the museum I was able to design a piece of jewellery with direct relation to museum, shop and segment.

“Psyche & Amor’s Arrow”

Inspiration and muse

The museum shop of Glyptoteket offers a
variation of products in different price ranges that all have some relation to the art and exhibition in the museum. I chose the statue of Psyche, for its potential of great storytelling and relatable symbolism in the arrow of love.

The Perfect Memory

Targeting the gift giver

My final product was developed with a strong focus on segmentation; in this case the gift giver.
Material, packaging and pricing aiming directly at the impulse buyer. The bow and arrow necklace has a strong relation to the museum exhibition and semiotic signal that symbolises love, a perfect memorable gift for a family member, friend or lover.